We want to reduce business barriers by providing transparency in the sourcing process.

This is what FindSourcing.com is really about: to make it easier for you to find a partner in the footwear industry, no matter whether you want to find someone to collaborate with to turn your ideas into products, or to expose yourself to more potential customers as a producer.

We don´t believe in the concept of membership that only allowing access only to paying members. Instead our drive is to make the business truly transparent by an open-door policy.

Footwear suppliers can sign up at no cost and create your own FindSourcing profile. Component, material and leather suppliers can also sign up to become easier to find and indexed.

Buyers can search filter and contact footwear suppliers directly by our open database. We also feature a quotation function where a buyer can submit what they are looking for and receive offers from supplier. Then we´ll connect the buyer directly with the supplier. There are no fees for buyers on this process and requests can be submitted directly at: https://www.findsourcing.com/quotation

We also want to help people new to the business by introducing the key concepts in the footwear industry to make it easier for you to express your requests and find the right partners for you.

If there is something you´d like to suggest us to improve, if you want to contribute to our cause or just to say hi, drop us a message at hello@findsourcing.com