Boots is an archetype describing a wider range of product types, each with unique features. Type of footwear which covers foot and ankle, sometimes shaft extends over leg and up to the hip. Boots also come with higher heel, called booties. They are categorized as heeled shoes due to production technical limitations.

  • Vamp covers ankle
  • High shaft
  • Low or high heel

Boot subtypes

Chelsea Boot - Ankle-high boot identified by the elastic on sides instead of front lacing, round toe and low heel. Also common with loops on back to grab when putting shoe on.

Chukka Boot - Ankle high boots with open lacing system and normally rounded toe box. The term Chukka boot is not describing one kind of shoe but rather a family sharing characteristics.

Desert Boot - Belonging to the Chukka boot family the desert boot is an iconic style. Ankle high boots with open lacing system and rounded toe box. Originally 2 pairs of eyelets, suede or leather upper stitched down on crepe outsole.

Jodphur Boot - Ankle high boot identified by the vamp sewn on top of the quarters and fastened with a strap and buckle. Normally has a round toe and low heel. Was originally designed as a riding boot.

There are many more different types which is not yet in this knowledge database.

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