This section will go through how you submit a quotation request and explain the different fields.

  1. Get started by going to:
  2. The process is in three steps. Company info (saved for future) , Product and Quotation.


First, let´s get started with company data. This is only fulfilled once and will be saved for future.


This is the first of two pages to introduce what you are looking for. This focuses on the product and how it should be made.


This is the last page to specify what you are looking for. This is regarding details of the actual order volume and related information.

That´s it!

Once you have submitted the request we will go through it before contacting suppliers . If there is anything we can do to fine tune and make the offer more attractive/complete we will get back to you. Normally our process is 3-14 days before you get offers.

Now, you can get started directly at: and if you need any support just drop us an email at