A.S.S.O. S.P.A.

ASSO''s story began more than thirty years ago in Fermo, right in the heart of one of the most important footwear manufacturing districts in Europe, and perhaps in the entire world. A vibrant place, rich in dedication to the sector and full of strong connections, it was here in 1987 that the two founding owners Silvano Donati and Sauro Silenzi decided to focus on their intuitions and unite their past experiences to make products for kids. They harnessed that synergy to start down an entrepreneurial path together, bringing ASSO to life. They planned the company's development and organized all the phases of creation, design and production, quickly taking over full control of the entire supply chain. Production was then moved to the east. The integration of experiences was transformed into rapid execution which reduced the time to market, upholding the promise of global competitivity as well as satisfying the continuously-changing desires and needs of every child. Sensibility, advanced know-how and remarkable operational intelligence have made it possible for the company to achieve excellent results in a short amount of time. Today, the business proudly stands among world leaders in the industry, in terms of both production quality and organizational and logistical expertise.
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Via Brennero, 41/43, San Pietro In Cariano VR, Italy


Company Structure
Footwear Types
Boys & Girls, Babies

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Brands producing
ASSO, Balducci, Laura Biagiotti
Material Expertise
Size Range producing
18 – 39
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