Callaghan is the history of a family business. Basilio Garcia Perez-Aradros, entrepreneur and passionate about footwear founded the Grupo Hergar in 1968 in Arnedo-La Rioja with a clear objective: to create differentiated products by merging the excellent traditional craftmanship style with the latest technologies so as to offer high added value to the consumer.With this objective and business philosophy in mind, Grupo Hergar presented in 1978 the Tanke brand. Its design was inspired in hunting boots and it was manufactured with the best quality waterproof leathers which were sewed by hand. It was a commercial success due to its resistance and durability. But the turning point for the Group was the creation of the Callaghan brand in 1987 together with the acquisition of the children´s brand Gorila, recognized by its high quality and durability since 1942. This acquisition reinvigorated Gorila and gave it personality, design, modernity and the use of new technologies in its designs. Callaghan´s style has progressively developed. In the beginning, Callaghan created cowboy style products and it was in 1991 when it introduced the “Nautico Over”, the first sailing shoe in the market with patented air chamber technology. It offered maximum comfort and positioned Callaghan as a market leader in the segment of sailing shoes in Spain. Continuing with its own strategy of differentiation through research and discovery of new technologies, Callaghan launched in 2004 the internationally patented Callaghan Adaptaction Technology which has became a landmark for the brand. Callaghan Adaptaction “the shoe that adapts to your feet” achieved the purpose of creating specialized footwear designed to provide an unprecedented comfort. Callaghan Adaptaction Technology has been the key to open the doors of the international markets where the brand continues having strong growth. Callaghan Adaptation is constantly evolving and thanks to its constant commitment to technological innovation it has become a leading brand specialized in comfort. Today, Callaghan is consolidated in more than 30 countries worldwide and keeps steadily expanding internationally. After more than 40 years reinventing comfort and design, Callaghan keeps reinventing itself so as to create shoes that offer a unique walking experience by blending technology with craftsmanship and comfort with design. Taking care of every detail in the manufacturing process and using only the finest natural leathers, highest quality materials and last generation patented outsoles. The private Museum of Basilio Garcia is located next to the factory of Callaghan in La Rioja, a fascinating journey through the history of footwear, from its origins to the present time.

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Calle Raposal, 30, 26580 Arnedo, La Rioja, Spain


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