Young Amedeo Testoni opened his first workshop in 1929, after having learnt the secrets of the most important Bolognese craftsmen. In the ‘50s, he improved the traditional Bolognese production to fulfil his dream of creating the most beautiful shoes in the world. Old methodologies and unique competencies formed the basis for this company, which still takes pride in selecting only the finest materials and achieiving the highest quality - without compromise. The brand’s philosophy aims for original technical and aesthetic solutions, and its history contains the requisites for continuous innovation and development, to affirm the future of artisan craftsmanship and ensure international recognition of modern Italian style in the world. Another symbol of excellence is Piuma Rapid construction: a revolutionary process entirely done by hand, exclusively patented by a.testoni. The result is a feather light shoe that completely insulates the foot from heat, cold and humidity. a.testoni uses the typical Norwegian Construction, with its exclusive handmade braided or “chain” stitch in unfinished linen twine. This ancient technique was derived from traditional northern European mountain boots. Our unique know-how is derived from artisan handcrafted techniques and constructions that guarantee comfort and excellence. The Bolognese construction, declined in the Black Label Line, is the characteristic that best embodies the hand-crafted values of a.testoni shoes. The upper is hand sewn to a special lining in soft kidskin that fits like a glove and guarantees unbeatable comfort and flexibility. We have combined Bolognese construction with the classic Goodyear method to create the Goodyear Bolognese method, a perfect combination of comfort, flexibility and resistance.
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